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_napoli eden
_directed by

Bruno Colella   

produced by
Annalaura di Luggo
director of photography
Blasco Giurato  
Mirco Garrone  
Eugenio Bennato
creative consultant
Stanley Isaacs
marketing consultant
Greg Ferris

74 min / ITALY, 2020


Annalaura di Luggo

with the participation of Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Olindo Preziosi, Eugenio Bennato, Stanley Isaacs, Nino Frassica, Enzo Gragnaniello, the little Caterina Allodi, Patrizio Rispo and the teenagers of Spanish Neighborhood of Naples

Annalaura di Luggo plays herself grappling with her latest artistic adventure, Napoli Eden, which is theconstruction of 4 monumental works in recycled aluminum which she places in the symbolic places of the city of Naples and involves some “at risk” kids from the Spanish neighborhoods of Naples offering them a new perspective on life. A Journey towards the light.

This inspirational cinematic odyssey highlights environmental protection through the theme of transforming discarded scraps of recycled aluminum into works of art and conveys a vision of redemption, social inclusion and the ethical and cultural rebirth for the city of Naples.

All that you will see really happened.
_Impact DOCS Awards California
Best documentary
Best impact: motivating/inspiring
_Hollywood Gold Awards 2020
Best documentary
_L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival 2020
Best documentary
Best actress
Best director
_Venice Film Awards 2020
Best documentary
_Social World Film Festival
Special mention by the critical jury to Annalaura di Luggo

_official selections
_Social World Film Festival (Vico Equense)
_On Art Film Festival (Warsaw - Poland)
_The New Fest - True Stories (Los Angeles)
_The Scene Festival (Washington), semi-finalist
_International Art Festival (London)
_Dunedin International Film Festival (Florida)
_Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival (Florida)
_Lifeart Festival (Los Angeles)

_Napoli Eden was qualified “Film d’essai”

Napoli Eden has passed the admission selection to the Academy Awards and is in Consideration for the 2021 Oscars as best documentary.

Napoli Eden was selected by the MAECI (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as part of the "Project for the Promotion of the Country of Italy in the World", for its inspiring art and social contents. The screening of Naples Eden will be carried within the diplomatic-consular network and the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad in the 5 continents by the MAECI.

_special contents and insights
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with Annalaura di Luggo and Stanley Isaacs

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Napoli Eden

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Social World Film Festival
Special mention of the Critical Jury to Annalaura di Luggo for Napoli Eden
Mezzogiorno Italia
Napoli Eden opening
Lux recycled aluminum
fashion show
Annydi srl
Via Fiorelli, 14 - 80121 Napoli
PIVA 07937101215
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